OANO First WebHistory and Background

In 1991-92, a diverse group of individuals from a variety of nonprofit organizations in Ohio worked to define the need and the potential for a statewide association of nonprofit organizations. The culmination of this early planning work was a statewide meeting of more than 60 representatives from Ohio nonprofits. At the conclusion of this meeting, a steering committee was formed and charged with in-depth investigation of the viability of a broadly based statewide membership association for nonprofit organizations.

The Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations was formally incorporated in 1994 in response to the needs of Ohio’s nonprofit sector. Since then, OANO has served as a voice for nonprofits in public arenas; as a conduit of information about public policy issues that affect the nonprofit sector; as a resource for training and technical assistance; and as a source for affordable products and services.

Funding for OANO comes from membership dues, fees from conferences and training programs, and grants from corporations and foundations. OANO does not receive United Way or government funding, and depends on grant support for the majority of its income.

For more information, contact info@oano.org.

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